Redis In Retail

Episode Summary

In episode 2 of season 2 Thomas Boyd, Strategic Solutions Architect and Kevin Martin, Solution Architect at redis labs joins one of our hosts Tug Grall for an episode on Redis in Retail. Listen as they dive into using technical and architectural discussions that explain how Redis (OSS, Software and Cloud) can help the retail industry. Also they highlight specific use cases and patterns for retail.

Episode Notes

[1:50] Can you tell us where you have been using Redis as a cache on your projects, and what were the outcome benefits?

[4:40] In addition to cache, Redis is also a perfect fit for  ecommerce “Cart”, can you tell us more about it?

[9:45] Example dealing with “black friday”, have you seen and deployed specific things for these kinds of events? Any tips?

[11:10] So far we have talked about very common use cases for Redis: make the application faster, more scalable and resilient, do you have other use cases that you would like to discuss?

[12:35] You are mentioning, RediSearch, can you tell us more about it, and how you have used it?

[19:00] Do you see other complementary technologies, Streams? 

[21:00] How does kubernetes align with Redis?  

[21:30] How do you work on your planning and testing leading up to BlackFriday?

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