Redis for Fraud Detection Systems

Episode Summary

In this episode we are joined by Sachin Kottarathodi, Senior Software Engineer at Walmart Global Tech India working on supply chain functions. During COVID Sachin has enjoyed reading non fiction books and learning more about distributed systems and event based processing. Listen to find out how RedisGears and RedisBloom plays a major part in fraud detection and how Redis has extensive support to combat fraud and keep you stay ahead of fraudsters.

Episode Notes

[:30] Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

[1:00]What have you been doing to stay busy during this COVID world? 

[1:30]You can talk about Walmart and the role you are working on?

[2:15] When did you get to know about Redis for the first time?

[6:05] What type of Infrastructure did you use for Kubernetes?

[7:10] I was going through your medium blog post titled “Redis Centric Fraud Detection System” where you mentioned that “AI plays a huge part in Fraud detection and Redis has extensive support for that.”. Can you elaborate?

[9:50] Apart from real-time Ad Fraud detection, what are the other exciting things around Redis you are working on?

[11:50] Which feature would you love to see in Redis?

[12:30] What developer tools do you enjoy using the most? 

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