How Redis scales Groww’s investing platform to empower 10 Million+ customers

Episode Summary

In this episode, we were joined by Ajit Hegde and Aman Khare, DevOps Engineers working at Groww to discuss how Redis empower Groww’s investment platform to support 10 Million+ customers and remain India’s #1 fastest growing fintech company. They also discussed the challenges they faced while migrating from monolithic to 100+ distributed microservices architecture powered by Istio and GKE. Listen to find out how Redis Enterprise helps them in achieving the true scalability and what motivated them to switch to Redis for caching as well as primary database.

Episode Notes

[01:08] - Can you tell us something about Groww as a company and what kind of business it is involved in?

[02:13] - Can you tell us about your customer base?

[03:00] - Can you tell us more about the overall architecture and technologies you use?

[03:51] - During our initial conversation, you mentioned that you moved from Google Memorystore  to Managed Redis Enterprise solution. What was the primary reason for switching to Redis Enterprise?

[05:00]  - You talked about the microservices architecture? Can you explain how well your overall tech stack looks like, whether it was monolithic or transitioning to microservices?

[06:00]  - Can you tell us about the tool that you used for the CI-CD platform?

[07:21]  - In our initial discussion, you shared that you are using Istio? Can you share with our listeners what Istio is and how Redis fits into Istio?

[08:50]  - Were you only using Redis as a caching or also as a primary database?

[09:45]  - Can you share the challenges that you faced with the existing RDMS?

[10:34] - What do you like the most about Redis as a company as well as technology?

[11:56] - How was the learning path for new developers 

[12:34] - What do you want to do next with Redis?