How Redis Delivers 15 million+ MyTeam11 users with over 25,000 operations per second.

Episode Summary

In this episode, Sachin Loonia, Senior Software Engineer at MyTeam11, discusses the benefits of Redis Enterprise over MySQL. With 15 million users and set to double its current level of 25,000 operations per second, MyTeam11’s fantasy sports gaming platform has extremely unpredictable data loads.  Learn how MyTeam11 is leveraging Redis Enterprise, and how Sachin team has been able to focus time and resources on other modules instead of monitoring each game for broken APIs.

Episode Notes

[1:10] Can you tell us about MyTeam11 as a company?

[1:50] Tell us about MyTeam11 fantasy sport gaming platform?

[2:50] Impact of COVID on this gaming platform?

[5:25] What is your deployment environment for Redis? 

[7:50] What programming languages do you use? 

[9:00] How often do you deploy in production? 

[9:25] Are you using Redis both as a caching solution as well as primary database?

[10:15] What is your future plan with Redis?

[11:25] What made you move from Open Source Redis to Redis Enterprise Cloud?


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