How Freshworks Scaled from 30 to 500 Million Requests Per Day

Episode Summary

In Season 2 Episode 4, we are joined by Vijay Lakshminarayanan, Senior Engineering Manager at Freshworks. We discuss how Freshworks scaled from 30 million to 500 million requests per day, with plans to double to 1 billion requests per day. Learn why Redis Enterprise Cloud was a key component for Freshworks' growth and how to get up and running seamlessly with Redis Enterprise on AWS.

Episode Notes

[1:30] Vijay can you tell us about Freshworks?

[3:00] What have you done with Redis?  

[4:00] How do you choose technology/databases?

[8:45] How do you deploy?

[12:45] Tell us more about your “main Redis” use case

[14:50] Do you have an idea of operations per second? 

[17:45] Did you do the migration live? 

[18:05] How does Freshworks leverage the Bloom filter? 

[17:00] What made you migrate from Elastic Cache?

[20:50] Any other use case you want to highlight?

[23:25] Why Freshworks uses the Lua script

[24:50] What to come next?

[26:10] What are you the proudest of in your project?

[27:30] How do you keep your developers engage?

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